Friday, May 16, 2008

Journey to My Cousin Marriage (Part One):

The marriage was on 17th may between 9 and 10:30 at Marudhamalai temple in Coimbatore. On 16th morning my father and mother went with the bride family to Coimbatore by tempo Van. I was with my cousin (Brother of Bride) in his factory on that day.

My cousin was busy in shifting the mould in the bottle blower machine. The mould was fitted properly in the machine and started the machine. The bottle was obtained by blowing a hot preform releasing from the Owen. When he tested the bottle the bottom was weak. He changed the pressure, temperature and etc but the bottom was still weak. Old people used to say quickly done things will go wrong, same thing happened here. Since we want to reach Coimbatore soon he changed the settings of the machine quickly, but everything went vain.

At 1:30 Pm we started from the factory towards home in ALTO. We asked our uncle to buy lunch for us. We reached home by 2:30. We take bath and dressed neatly for the function. Then we took our lunch brought by uncle. Lemon Rice with a pickle and South Indian Sambhar is a great combination to eat. We finished our lunch and ready for the journey towards Coimbatore.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Posts for Placment- Encapsulation

Hi my fellow readers, I am back to blogging after a successful completion of my course in BE: Computer Science. Now I am going to help my juniors in their placement activities by writing articles regarding their technical interviews.

Daily I am going to post about some topic which will be very interesting to the readers.
Today I am going to write about the Encapsulation.

Technical Definition:
Binding a data and code (functions, modules) into a single identity.

To explain technically we can take class as an example.

Class classname
Variable declaration: // Data

Function declaration: // Code

So we have combined the data (variables) and code (functions) into a single Entity classes.

In real time the meaning of Encapsulation is

Binding any two activities into a single activity.


Vicks Action 500 is drug which cures both cold and Head Ache. Here the Vicks Action 500 drug is made of merging two drugs one curing head ache and another curing cold.

In next post we can see about pointers. I will make this pointer concept very easy to understand in next post.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bye Bye To NO77,Kajalaxmi Nagar

Two years back i have steeped into this house with my roommates raja and vinoth. We had lot fun in this room. We played in room with friends which are great fun. Fighting with house owner is our favorite time pass for not switching off motor.
Watching movie with our friends in the room was very fun. Specially group study during examination was very great. Whether we are studying or not we used to chat a lot. Now i am missing my friends and No77, Kajalaxmi Nagar.