Thursday, September 4, 2008


The film I recently watched is phoonk (Hindi). It comes under horror genre. Also it is from my favorite director Ram Gopal Varma(RGV). So I watched the film with much expectation. The film has the perfect essence of RGV. Right from the start they just show the dolls and deities for every scene. All the characters in the movie were perfectly chosen especially the character of Madhu, done by Ashwini Kalsekar and The character of Rajeev by Sundeep. The kid Ahsaas Channa is so superb in the movie both in the first half and the second half. After the interval when the kid goes to school and the kid is being possessed by some powers by black magic the camera literally flies through everywhere. Even the character of the doctor has some meaning in it. Till the end of the movie the camera focuses the dolls in every scene. The character of mandar that comes at the end of the film is so disgusting. It is an essence of RGV though. Even though the climax is good there is something missing in it. Also, the screenplay is good. But it is not so scary but interesting up to a mark. Background score is good which makes us still more thrilled. Overall I give 3.5 out of 5 for phoonk.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Power cut Kills

I could not possibly do my day to day work because of the frequent power cuts that happen in almost every city. People suffer a lot. For those who belong to middle- class, it is a huge problem. With no power some shops like telephone booth, photocopy centers etc are suffering a lot. Because they cannot afford to get a battery ot generator as the large scale factories who have enough backup for power and money. Also middle class people suffer due to power cuts during un-time like 1, 2, 3 etc. They lose sleep and they never have mind to work next day. Schools, tution centers etc., have also been affected a lot. Already people know about the situation in the Indian schools. They never have proper facilities and like pouring fire on oil these power cuts have started a new problem on to them. Why these power cuts are happening? Due to lack of management of fuels, coal and power in India. Already inflation has made people a lot worried. Now these type of power cuts are added on to their worries. So the belief in the current government has reduced a lot. But, no use in fighting against the government for this.Because this should have been done a long ago. So, sick. :-(

Learn Hindi now!

Learning Hindi is very sufficient for every Indian. Because for several reasons. First of all it is our national language. Everything can be found in Hindi right from train ticket to telephone bill. Secondly if we travel to north of India, except four states in the south all the people speaks Hindi whatever their mother tongue may be. Also many people know Hindi in southern part of India too. If you are employed in north India without Hindi no one can manage (though you will be forced to learn it in some time period).There a lot of places in north India where you can manage if you know Hindi if you go alone say along with your newly married wife or hubby for honey moon to places like kulu, manali etc. Also if you want to get employed in any central government job, knowing Hindi is compulsory. Secondary reasons are as follows. Most of the good films in India are in Hindi language only. Some people say if you know Hindi automatically Sanskrit can be learnt easily which is the language of the Gods. Whatever may be your mother tongue learn Hindi first because many beautiful girls and handsome guys have Hindi origin (though they speak English always). So wake up now and start learning Hindi right from now!

Friday the 13th:Most disgustful movie Trilogy I have ever seen

I was wandering around the net to find some of the most successful movies so that I can download and see it. I always have a belief that the trilogies are good to watch. I came across the movie Friday the 13th. The movie has a quite good profile. There around 12 to 13 parts of the movie right from 1980 till now. So I believed it will be good to watch and it also comes under my favorite genre “horror”. I downloaded all the parts in a single breath and started watching them. I couldn’t utter anymore word. All the parts have the same storyline and there was not much thrilling secrets to be revealed either. I got headache seeing the man in the mask. Because I neither get fear nor thrill watching that thing. I don’t know how they managed to run such a disgusting trilogy till now. Except some movies in late 90s and 2000s everything are pieces of shit. I think the movie would have been somewhat successful in the box office due to the porn like scenes in almost every part of the movie. It is as if that the movie cannot be taken with those scenes on. So I recommend you people that before watching the movies please check out its imdb rating and the response in red tomatoes to avoid headache that was experienced by me.