Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cuil a New Search Engine Challenges Google

Cuil is the latest search engine launched this Monday by Stanford professor Tom Costello and former Google search architect Anna Patterson with thrice the volume Google index. It is bigger, faster and better than Google's flagship search engine in pretty much every way.

Me searching in Cuil search engine

I am searching Google in Cuil search Engine

Cuil is expected to search more web pages than Google and 10 times as many as the search engine of Microsoft.Where Cuil scores over Google is the way it indexes the web and handle queries by users. Both are costly operations, but Cuil claims to have found a way to slash those costs.

A search for dogs, for example, will return category results for "water dogs," "crossbreed", "cocker spaniel" and so on. Some of these related terms do not include the term "dog".

A search for "Harry" would throw up different tabs for "Harry Potter" and "Prince Harry of Wales". Further, the Harry Potter tab will provide more sub-links devoted to actors, Gryffindor dorm-mates and others associated with the series.

Its interface is so good to search and use as we see in the picture.Compared with Google's globe-spanning network of data centres, some literally set up near dams so they can tap hydro power more efficiently, Cuil's two puny data centres hosting less than 2,000 PCs total will have to run pretty fast to outpace Google's crawlers.

As a business proposition, Cuil is obviously a big bet ... No other search engine has come close to entering the public consciousness like this. Of course, Cuil doesn't have to trounce Google on day one. It took Google quite some time to surpass Alta Vista and Yahoo in the search wars.

To use Cuil use www.Cuil.com.

Me searching Ajith in Cuil

So friends try to use cuil search engine.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Basic Stuff in Pointer (part-1):

Pointer is not a tough one to learn, but it is rather easy when you understand the basic stuffs involved in the pointer.

There are six things you need to know to learn the basic stuffs in pointer

Understanding the variables and computer memory:

What will happen when we declare a variable?

Compiler determines what kind of variable it is. Based on the type of variable it reserves a memory. It is very simple to understand with an example.

EG: We are going to buy a chocolate. There are varieties of chocolate with different cost. Some of them are costly and cheaper. What we will do based on our finance we buy chocolate. If we are having 10 rupees we buy chocolate for ten rupees. If we have 50 rupees we buy chocolate for 50 rupees.

Similarly if the variable type is a char it reserves one byte, if it is int 2 bytes and goes on based on the type it allocates memory in computer.

The compiler knows 4 things about a variable

  • Its name
  • Its type
  • Its size
  • Its location in memory

E.g.: int a; compiler allocates 4008344 as memory location.

Then’ a’ is variable name
‘a’ is int (Integer) type
‘a’ is 2 byte size
‘a’ is located at 400834 in memory.

Using Size of:

We can determine the size of a variable by Sizeof () operator. Actually sizeof is a function which returns the sizeof a variable.

E.g.: program demonstrating use of sizeof ()
Int a;
printf (“The size of variable 'a' is %d”, sizeof (a));
The size of variable ‘a’ is 2

Finding memory location with & operator

& is an operator when prefixed with a variable, it returns the location (address) of the variable.
That is why & is prefixed with a variable in name in scanf.

Int a;
If we enter 4 as input it scans 4 and saves in the location of a allocated by compiler. To know what the address is we are using & in scanf before variable name.

We can see other three thing s in the next post:

Creating pointer variables
Storing memory locations in pointer
Doing pointer math

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

IPV4 address will be over by 2011:

Exactly (check out this link to know how many days) www.penrose.uk6x.com this much days available to assign IPV4 address to new users. This calculated using the new allocation of user rate. This rate will increase soon so IETF fear that the addresses will be worn out by 2010.

More than 85 per cent of the available addresses have already been allocated and the rest will run out by 2011, according to a prediction by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

IP addresses are so basic to the success of the Internet that we really do not need to know a website's domain name if we know their IP. In fact, domain names are only a convenience for people to remember the addresses easily to type, say for e.g. www.google.com has IP address of It is tough to remember all the IPV4 address so only we give names for the IP address.

When the IPV4 address scheme was introduced in 1981, there were hardly 500 computers connected to the Internet. So the address makers at that time allowed for four billion addresses, thinking they would last forever. But those address lost for only 30 years.

When the addresses are ran out, Internet speeds will drop and new connections and services (such as Internet phone calling) will either be expensive or simply impossible to obtain.The solution to the shortage is to upgrade to a new address protocol IPV6. The IETF has introduced IPv6, more than a decade ago, providing enough addresses for billions upon billions of devices as well as improving Internet phone and video calls, and possibly even helping to end e-mail spam.

The problem is that the new system is not really compatible with the Internet of today. If, for example, Google wants to support IPv6, it will need to build a whole new IPv6 web service, complete with new domain names, servers and bandwidth. Everyone needs to build a new web service for IPV6. That costs will run into billions of billions of billions...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I got back my luck:

Last one month nothing went good as I thought. Even my plans are got spoiled one way or another. I never knew that vinoth will behave like a rookie uneducated fellow for money. His speech really ruined my mind and my plans. My house owner was very sad. I haven’t got my passport and pan card which are indeed need for my verification.

After a heavy setback I went to temple daily to solve my problems. Now I think the god is very powerful and brought my luck back to me.

I have applied for pan card and got within 13 days.

I got the broadband connection after a long wait from BSNL.

My father finally gave me bike to ride in main road with (not) full confidence.

Finally the American friend of my father brought a Laptop from America. I am very happy that I got a good configured Laptop. Most important it has Windows vista.

After three months I am going to get $3.25.

I think soon I will get a call from my company since I got back my luck. Even every need is fulfilled by God I will continue to worship him.

Smart Eyeglasses for Smart People:

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There are many things like that are taken into account for preparing eyeglasses. People also need cheap glasses. For those people there is an organization named Zenni optical. Incredible Stylish New Frames from Zenni attracts everyone to buy new glasses. For their quality glasses Zenni Optical was on FOX news! The price of the glasses starts from Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses. So people are you ready to rock in the streets with new Zenni eyeglasses.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ganguly threatens Bengal Cricket board

Peeved at "some people in Bengal cricket" harassing his family, particularly his brother Snehashish, former India captain Sourav Ganguly on Thursday threatened to stop playing for the state.However, denying any fall-out with former ICC chief Jagmohan Dalmiya, who is fighting for the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) top post in the AGM on July 29, Ganguly said, "I've nothing against Dalmiya."

"I don't have any problem with him (Dalmiya) coming to power. My only concern is the problem to my family because of some CAB members. I can't tolerate this anymore. If they continue to talk bad things about my family, I'll certainly pull out from Bengal," Ganguly told reporters at his Behala residence.However, the left-hander said, this season he is "available for Bengal" who will fight it out in the Plate Division of Ranji Trophy.

However, a Bengali daily on Thursday quoted Ganguly as saying that he would stop playing for Bengal if Dalmiya comes back to power."During Dalmiya's time, I was dropped from the side and the lost the captaincy and if he again comes back to power, I'll face more difficulties. So it'll be better to leave Bengal in such a situation," Ganguly told the Bengali daily.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Inflation continues to climb, at 11.89 per cent

India's wholesale price index rose 11.89 per cent in the 12 months to June 28, above the previous week's annual rise of 11.63 per cent, government data showed on Friday.The rate was also above a median forecast of 11.75 per cent in a Reuters poll of analysts, and is the highest since annual numbers in the current series became available in April 1995.

Inflation for the week ended May 3 was revised upwards to 8.73 per cent from 7.83 per cent.The annual inflation rate was 4.42 per cent during the corresponding week of the previous year.The wholesale price index is more closely watched than the consumer price index, which is published monthly, because it covers a higher number of products and is published weekly.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Infosys, TCS among most admired firms: WSJ survey

IT majors Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Wipro have emerged as the three most admired companies in India, while leading the list of most innovative firms are Bharti Airtel and ICICI Bank, according to a survey of the readers of Wall Street Journal Asia.As part of its efforts to determine Asia's 200 most admired firms, the Journal Friday released the list of India's 10 most admired companies as well as top 10 innovators.

Infosys has retained its position as the most admired company since 2000, while TCS has retained its second position since the previous survey in 2006 and Wipro has moved up one position from fourth.Bharti Airtel and Tata Steel appear at No. 4 and No. 5, followed by Larsen & Toubro, ITC, Tata Motors, HDFC Bank and Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M).
For innovation, Infosys, TCS and HCL Technologies are also in the top five, followed by Anil Ambani-led Reliance Communications, Wipro, Satyam, M&M and Hindustan Lever (now called Hindustan Unilever).

In individual categories, Infosys led in long-term vision, Larsen & Toubro in quality, Siemens India topped in corporate reputation and State Bank of India in financial reputation.
A total of 2,477 executives and professionals participated in the survey, which was conducted last year from May 11 to July 3.

Friday, July 11, 2008

BIGB(Amithab Bhachan) with Kamal in Marma Yogi

Many of us eagerly what kamal is going to do in his marmayogi.The latest update on yet to be launched big budget movie Marmayogi is Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachchan's acceptance to do a meaty role in this movie. It has been confirmed that Marmayogi will have veteran Bollywood actress Hema Malini playing a prominent role. Now Kamal Hassan is trying to rope in the legendary actor for an interesting role.

It can be recalled that plans were on to rope in the Big B for the Rajini starrer Shivaji. However he declined the offer. But he always disclosed his wish to play a full length Tamil film at once in his life. According to sources, Amitabh is yet to react for Kamal's offer but the latter is very much hopeful in getting his dates.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Google is Tracking its Users:

Gmail gives users a choice to keep a given machine signed into their account so that they don’t have to retype their passwords each time when they want to check their mail. But this means if we forget to log off and when we check our mail at a public computer our email may be opened for any bypasser to read.

So Google is tracking its users to increase their privacy protection. Google has a practice of recording the Internet Protocol address of every computer that connects to its service. But now Google is adding one more feature that is monitoring of IP address and other data about users. Users of Gmail will soon have a option to see which computers are logged into their accounts and can read their e-mail

Similarly, if we are an advertiser on Google, where we pay for every click that users make on our ads, we might well be glad Google keeps records of the I.P. addresses of its users. That way we have at least one tool available to help us to detect if our rival is spending his spare hours clicking away on our ads.

Source: Erwin D’Souza, a Gmail engineer

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New iPhone Features from Apple:

Bloggers referred the Apple’s iPhone as the “Jesus phone”. The Key features of the iPhone are Fast Browsing, Better Voice and Shorter Battery Life. It was a stunning black slab of glass: a cell phone, a brilliant music and video player and the best pocket Internet terminal the world had ever seen. The huge, bright, touch-sensitive screen made it addictive fun to rotate, page through or magnify your photos, videos and Web pages.

Today, the iPhone is in the hands of six million people. The new name hints at the biggest change: this iPhone can bring you the Internet much faster. It can exploit AT&T’s third-generation (3G) cellular network, which brings you Web pages in less than half the time as the old iPhone. 3G means we can talk on the iPhone and surf the Internet simultaneously, which we couldn’t do before. But the main drawback is we need 3G Network in our area.

For Indians we not yet started implementing 3G network in India. In USA itself only 16 states is covered by 3G Network. The other drastic change is the iPhone’s price: $200(Rs.8500 + Tax) for the 8-gigabyte model, $300(Rs 12750 + Tax) for the 16-gig. These are much cheaper price when compared to last year. Last Year an 8-gig iPhone would have cost us $600(Rs.25500 + Tax).
The third improvement is audio quality, which has taken a gigantic step forward. We sound crystal clear to our callers, and they sound crystal clear to us.
The other improvements are smaller, but most welcome are.
  • Gracefully curved, shiny plastic Pack
  • Standard headphone jack
  • Power adapter has been shrunk down to a one-inch cube
  • True GPS that shows our location on a map by analyzing nearby cell phone towers and Wi-Fi hot spots.
  • Scientific calculator
  • An address book search box, parental controls and instant language switching
  • The iPhone works better with corporate systems(ActiveSync, Microsoft, etc)
Free software upgrade is available called iPhone 2.0, which will be available to the six million original iPhone’s, starting from this weekend (Only in USA). For $10, even iPod touch owners can get this upgrade. Don’t hang around here and there so go off and purchase an iPhone to your Pockets.