Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stinking Structures

What is Structure?

Is it 36-26-36…

No, it is something different. Array is a collection of different types, but structure is collection of different data types.

Technically speaking Structure is allocates more memory.

Struct {

Int a,

Char c,

Float d,


It stores 2+1+4=7 bytes in memory. But if we use union we can reduce the memory space to 4 bytes.

Union allocate memory for the largest data i.e. here float size is 4 bytes so it allocates4 bytes.

Can Structure be declared within a structure?

Structure can be declared within the structure.

Struct date {

Int day, month, year;


Struct history


Char name [25];

Struct date;


Structure can also be declared as array of structures.

Monday, April 7, 2008

IPod becomes EYEPod

Japanese has invented a new IPod which can remote control its work by the blink of eye. Taniguchi of Osaka University has inverted this IPod. When a user winks, movement in their skin is detected by sensors clipped to their glasses or headphones. This signal is sensed by the infra red sensors and it is converted to electric signal. This signal is used by the micro computer of the IPod.

The Different ways of the working of this IPod is very interesting.

We have to wink strongly for one second with one Eye to rewind.

A wink with the right eye makes the machine skip to the next tune while with a wink of the left eye it goes back.

Closing both eyes for one second starts an IPod, while blinking again stops the machine.

The system can easily differentiate a deliberate one-second wink from natural blinking. There are some people who are incapable of winking on one eye. For those, we can program the system to give a command when they blink twice in a fast sequence. So Ipod becomes EYEPod.

Come on people start blinking your eyes to hear a song!!!!

Why XP Users decline to Upgrade to Vista?

Vista was introduced into the market last year itself. Now they are going to release a service pack for Vista, still many XP users are not upgrading their system. Some of them say the main reason is cost. So Microsoft has reduced the price of vista home edition to $130(Rs 5000) from $160(Rs 6300). They also say many vista users say that vista upgrades have gone badly. Some of the complaints registered for Vista are

The graphics chips are not able to handle Vista’s visual special effects.

The long delays when loading.

The applications are running at low speed.

External peripheral drivers are not functioning properly with vista.

Because of these complaints only many XP users are not upgrading to Windows Vista. Anyhow in future we can see lot of vista users if Microsoft solves the existing problems in vista and satisfy its customers.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Near Field Communication- A boon to Villagers

Near Field Communication or NFC is a short-range high frequency wireless communication technology which enables the exchange of data between devices over about a decimeter distance. The technology is a simple extension of the ISO 14443 proximity-card standard (contactless card, RFID) that combines the interface of a smartcard and a reader into a single device. An NFC device can communicate with both existing ISO 14443 smartcards and readers, as well as with other NFC devices, and is thereby compatible with existing contactless infrastructure already in use for public transportation and payment. NFC is primarily aimed at usage in mobile phones.

This NFC was implemented in Warangal and it is very successful and useful to the villagers. Some of its applications used in Warangal are

  • Villagers use NFC technology to get their social security pension from the national rural employment guarantee scheme
  • Villagers use NFC to operate their savings accounts
  • A person using his NFC-powered mobile phone, will be capable of making payments using mobile phones as debit cards, access control, storing data, card reader, e-tickets and electronic business cards
  • NFC-powered mobile phones could also work as access card to public transport system, storing video and audio files to play those in NFC enabled PCs, loyalty cards and carrying the personal records

Lot of advantages is in NFC But our Government still not implementing it. When will they implement in our state????

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Features of Windows 7 Successor of Vista

Microsoft Corporation co-founder Bill Gates is expecting a new version of Windows operating software, code-named Windows 7, to be released in the next year or so. The software giant has been aiming to issue more regular updates of the operating system software that powers the majority of the world's personal computers.

New versions of Windows would help revolutionize mobile phones and run the desk of the future, which would have a touch surface display allowing users to call up items using their hands. Some of the features of windows 7 are

Its desktop is more attractive than any other version of windows.

It is using a multiple heterogeneous graphics cards and a new version of Windows Media Center.

Gadgets are going to be integrated with Windows Explorer.

A new version of calculator with statistics mode also.

Going to have updated versions of paint and WordPad.

Most importantly it will have a 10 minutes installation process on system.

Windows 7 can be installed in mobile phones also.

It is going to use a touch technology as input.

Having lots of interesting updates in new OS and awaiting its release. Let’s hope it will release sooner or in the year 2009.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Greatest Photograph Taken by me

I have gone for outing with my fellow classmates at vandalur zoo. We have a great lunch at vandalur. But me, boy and boobu were sad as all of them brought vegetarian items only. Later at the end of outing we were playing at vandalur Children Park. At the time Kudi was performing an exercise at bar and vamsee was staring at him whether he will fell down like him at the morning. But kudi was extraordinarily doing exercise to vamsee's surprise. I have taken this snap at that time.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Perfusor- The Ultimate Sucide Machine

Just one press of a button and you’ll take your last breath. One of Germany's most promising conservative politicians and lawyer has unveiled Europe's first suicide machine for people with a death wish.

The killing machine, ‘Perfusor’ can end a person’s life with a swift injection of potassium chloride.

If the machine, designed to evade strict laws banning assisted suicide, goes into production then Germany rather than Switzerland could soon become the destination of choice for those seeking to kill themselves.

The machine is painted in green and it looks like a cross between an electric transformer and a paint spraygun.Nobody is forced to use it but I do believe that it will contribute to a debate that is moving thousands of people.

The machine would be lent or rented so that the patients could insert the needles themselves and then push the button releasing the potassium chloride.

Supporters of the ‘death machine’ say that the machine will bring about death in seconds. Death Row cases suggest the process could be longer.

Gerhard Strate, a defence lawyer from Hamburg, said: “As long as the sick person is fully conscious and aware, then lending the machine to him is no more illegal than lending him a kitchen knife or a razor blade. It becomes illegal only if the potential suicide asks someone in the room to press the button for him.”

Healthy Super choclate for kids

It is packed with vitamins, low on fat, does not melt at high temperatures and can last for years - yes, it is super chocolate.Developed by scientists of the Australian army, this "healthy" chocolate will soon be included in army rations - especially for soldiers serving in harsh and hostile environments such as war-torn Iraq, the Science Network reported.

The secret of the super chocolate lies in the use of fats with high melting points. Thus, when your garden variety chocolate melts at about 30 degrees Celsius, super chocolates stays firm even at 49 degrees.It is, additionally, fortified with vitamins A, B1 and C and has added flavors to preserve taste for up to two years.

The scientists are also working on coating vitamins to keep out humidity, moisture and oxygen while allowing them to be slowly released into the body.They are currently developing a milk chocolate version, while dark chocolate production will begin soon.

India's First Bollywood Movie on Blu-Ray

Everyone knows much about Blu ray disc. It has a shorter wavelength than DVD so it can store more data. A dual ray disc can store 50GB. So Sajid Khan became a big Blu ray fan and knows he is going to release India’s first Bollywood movie in Blu Ray disc. Akshay Kumar comic starrer Heyy Babyy will be the first Indian film to be made available on this format.

DVD disc gives as a very superior picture when viewed on a proper home theatre set-up is mastered at 9 GB that’s because a DVD gives as much disc space. Blu Ray gives as 25 GB on a single layer but on a dual layer its size is 50 GB so it has a six-time jump in picture quality and sound than DVD. The Blu Ray also comes with a scratch protection layer and so you can be assured of uninterrupted viewing.

Sony has introduced 100 Blue ray discs in Indian market. But it doesn’t capture the market due to its high cost. A good DVD player costs Rs2700 but a good Blu ray player costs Rs27000. A DVD costs Rs45 but a good quality Blu ray disc costs Rs2500. If we go for high quality we should pay higher. So don’t look on cost buy for its quality and enjoy the new digital experience.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Penis Enlargement

The most common cases occurring in the recent times with men is that they are facing the problem of irregular sizes of their penis. For this you have to undergo penis enlargement method. By doing this penis enlargement most of them had success and they are so happy about the result. This is a simple surgery with no side effects. There are also penis enlargement pills available to obtain a quicker enlarged penis ready for sexual intercourse.

Phone Systems

Many phone systems are introduced into the market but nothing satisfies the customers like Nimbus VoIP Phone Systems by Xpander. These phones are more flexible and user friendly. It has special features like plug & play which can work anywhere in the world. So that it can control panels where we can modify our extension and manage voicemail.

The Nimbus VoIP Phone Systems reduce cost by eliminating the capital expenditures. In this package we are having an unlimited US calling and free dialing to any other Nimbus VoIP phone in the world. They are also offering a 24 hour service across 7 days. We can get the connection within 7 days after the registration.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Make Money Online

I want to make money online so I was eagerly searching the website I suddenly found this site much worthy. This is a French word gagner de l'argent I found in the website meaning we can make money for urgent needs. You can be easily be devenir riche by playing online casinos and poker games. You can make money at urgent needs argent facile so easily at this French site

Ashop -A pioneer in Shopping Cart software

Shopping cart software is software used in e-commerce to aid people making purchases online, equivalent to the American English term 'shopping cart'. In British English it is usually known as a shopping basket, almost utterly shortened on websites to 'basket'.

The software allows online shopping customers to put items in the cart. Upon checkout, the software typically calculates a total for the order, including transport and handling charges and the associated monies, as applicable.

Ashop Commerce is one leading site using this shopping cart software. They say that there are six reasons to choose this software.

  • Ashop provide good Technical support and customer service
  • The software is search engine optimized structure
  • It is easy to use
  • The price is affordable
  • It has a good customized design
  • It gives total solution to the business people

These are the reasons why people like to use this software and it has a high demand between the users. Everyone try to use this software.

IItians in Detroit Auto Show

The people working in air filters and dampers and accelerator pedals are no ordinary mechanics and the car that they are working on is no ordinary car.A couple of IIT Bombay students decided in June last year to enter an international competition called Formula SAE short for Society of Automotive Engineers to build a race car.

The 30 students who eventually got together for the project are armed with textbooks, a supportive faculty and some helpful advice from automobile manufacturers — have come a long way, to the point that the tightening of a screw here and the testing of a pedal there is all that is left to do.
The spirited youngsters will be the only Indians participating in this prestigious international competition to be held in Detroit the Mecca of the international automobile industry.The 11 budding engineers who will represent IIT Bombay at the competition are ecstatic.