Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Power cut Kills

I could not possibly do my day to day work because of the frequent power cuts that happen in almost every city. People suffer a lot. For those who belong to middle- class, it is a huge problem. With no power some shops like telephone booth, photocopy centers etc are suffering a lot. Because they cannot afford to get a battery ot generator as the large scale factories who have enough backup for power and money. Also middle class people suffer due to power cuts during un-time like 1, 2, 3 etc. They lose sleep and they never have mind to work next day. Schools, tution centers etc., have also been affected a lot. Already people know about the situation in the Indian schools. They never have proper facilities and like pouring fire on oil these power cuts have started a new problem on to them. Why these power cuts are happening? Due to lack of management of fuels, coal and power in India. Already inflation has made people a lot worried. Now these type of power cuts are added on to their worries. So the belief in the current government has reduced a lot. But, no use in fighting against the government for this.Because this should have been done a long ago. So, sick. :-(

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Unknown said...

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